Embracing 21st Century Technology

Some people like to try the latest technology. For Herb Sievers it started with disc brakes on trailers back in 1979 and it has been going strong ever since.

These days, Sievers is taking advantage of one of the newest tools in system drainage – the ADI Super 600-D with Dual Force Technology.

What is Dual Force Technology? It is a cutting-edge method of simultaneously installing two lateral lines spaced 15-feet apart.

ADI Super 600-D Logo

Sievers decided on the Dual Force Technology because he knew it was the best option for his 125 acres in Staunton, Illinois.

“My ground is so tight, anything more than 15-foot spacings wasn’t going to work,” he said.

ADI installed the new pattern tiling system on Sievers’ property last fall and while he hasn’t had a chance to grow crops on it yet, he’s already seen an obvious improvement in the way it drains.

“I’ve seen a dramatic change already. Right after the first of the year we had a pretty heavy rain. We were out there the next day and barely left a mark when neighbors still had water standing,” he said.

ADI owner Don Colclasure believes this technology will provide a level of field performance and drainage affordability never before seen in the drainage industry.

“As good as the modern drainage systems have been, with 30 to 40-foot spacings, we believe the Dual Force Technology will help launch growers into a new, higher level of productivity in the race for consistent 300 bushel corn,” Colclasure said.