Water Management Solutions

Water Management Solutions

ADI is an industry leader in agriculture water management solutions. Every single farm and project we work on is unique, but we have decades of experience customizing systems and pioneering new technologies. We are dedicated to improving farms through water management, making it easier to adapt to Mother Nature’s challenges and hit your budget within a narrow margin.

We take into account:

  • Soil types and permeability
  • Topography
  • Surface Drainage
  • Outlet Availability
  • Cropping Plan
  • Sustainability
  • Budget
  • Yield Goals

We have custom drainage equipment and installation methods to match your soil type and project timing. Our three drainage plow types, including the industry exclusive Dual Force Technology, are recommended based on what will provide the maximum return on investment for your farm.

3 Plow Types

ADI V Plow Technology Water Management

Single Shank Plow

  • Most Popular
  • Maximum Compaction Layer Disturbance

Dual Force Technology

  • Perfect for Super Tight Soils
  • Excellent Soil Profile Shatter
  • Industry Exclusive
Farm Drainage Equipment - V Plow

V Plow

  • Ideal for Double Cropping and Late Season Projects
  • Virtually Zero Disturbance
  • Single Tillage Pass/Planter Ready

Plan Your Water Management Project with Us

  1. The first step is to Get in Touch! A local drainage professional will evaluate your farm including soil type, topography, surface drainage and then some.
  2. After an initial review, you will be presented with a drainage system recommendation and estimate matched to your farm for maximum results.
  3. Your drainage rep will be your point of contact through the entire process, keeping you informed of your project’s timing and plans.
  4. Once your project is completed, you will receive as installed maps – both print and electronic copies – for your farm records.
Farm Drainage Equipment - Tile Plow
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