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Extreme weather can make it tough to complete even the most basic field operations.

Proper drainage solutions like agricultural drain tile can help you mitigate the costly impacts of heavy rains, flooding, and excess moisture. With an effective subsurface drainage system in place, farm operators can avoid common issues such as:

  • Flooded fields and washouts that delay planting or damage crops
  • Soil erosion that depletes fertile topsoil
  • Saturated soils that restrict root growth and nutrient uptake
  • Increased soil compaction and reduced trafficability
  • Inability to access fields for timely spraying or harvesting

By improving drainage and removing excess water quickly, drain tile helps ensure fields are ready for planting as soon as conditions allow. It also creates a healthier soil environment for optimal crop growth, vigor, and yields.

With increasingly extreme weather patterns, investing in comprehensive drainage solutions is an essential risk management strategy for your agricultural operations.

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