Lift Station Pump Remote Monitoring Now Available

You can now check your lift station on the go with a Remote Monitoring System for your pump. Get regular updates from your phone or tablet. Two systems are available to match your needs and style of pump.

Download the Remote Pump Monitoring options. Or for more information, Contact Us.

iOS System

The iOS system works with Apple devices (iPhone, iPod or iPad) and VFD controlled pumps. A base unit is mounted at your farm or business and is connected to your internet service. An antenna is used to receive signals from the remote unit.

ADI iOS Lift Station Remote Pump Monitoring System
Sample screen from the iOS remote pump monitoring system

Monitoring & Control Functions:

  • Auto/Manual selection
  • Run/Stop functions
  • Manual speed settings
  • Tank water level monitoring
  • Fault codes
  • Fault reset
  • On/Off/Speed parameters
  • Output frequency
  • Running Amps
  • Communication errors

Eagle I System

This pump monitoring system allows you to connect to your pump station through simple, easy to use text messages. Eagle I can be used with nearly any cell phone and a wide variety of pumps and control systems including VFDs, Simplex, Duplex and older models.

ADI Eagle I Lift Station Remote Pump Monitoring System
Sample screen from the Eagle I remote pump monitoring system

Monitoring Features:

  • Pump On/Off Operations
  • Pump Fault On/Off
  • Accumulated Run Time
  • Run Cycles
  • Power Loss and Restoration
  • Water Level Indication
  • Water Level Alarm Hi and Low. Programmable
  • Fault Reset Option
  • Remote/Local Mode
  • Pump Speed

(not all features are available with all models)