Research & Development


A Culture Of Development

ADI's founding company, C&L Tiling, Inc. purchased and brought drainage plows to the U.S. in 1989. The goal was simple: Provide a better product and make drainage systems affordable. Now, with this goal achieved and the competition's feathers ruffled, ADI continues to push the envelope with their own line of custom-designed drainage plows, built specifically to handle the elements, soils, and layouts for progressive producers who are looking for Total Farm Drainage.

Precision Mapping

ADI utilizes the latest in digital mapping technology to record the installation in real-time, assuring that your field is accurately mapped with pipe sizes and locations.

  • Precision accuracy, including actual latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Detailed maps with satellite overlay and color-coded by pipe size
  • Post-installation map packet featuring both electronic and hard copies for your progressive farm record keeping

Latest Developments

ADI's Dual Force Technology: Purpose built for sub-irrigation/drainage systems, the plow is the first of its kind in the United States. The ADI Super 600 with Dual Force Technology provides a cutting-edge method of simultaneously installing 2" or 3" laterals on 15' spacings.