Pattern Tiling MaXflo Mains

Pattern Tiling Super Systems

ADI recommending pattern tiling with narrow lateral spacings at shallow depths using high capacity mains used to be considered aggressive thinking. Now, customer demand has created Super Systems with spacings as narrow as 15’, down from an average of 36’ just five years ago. This type of pattern tiling Super Systems result in the need for higher capacity, longer lasting MaXflo dual wall mains to handle the increased water flow these systems create. Our custom-built ADI trenchers can install pipe up to 30” in diameter, fully equipping Ag Drainage Inc. to provide these pattern tiling Super Systems.

MaXflo Pipe

Our fully integrated, complete product line keeps our pattern tiling systems safe and affordable. Because we're vertically integrated, we have developed MaXflo dual wall pipe designed specifically for agricultural use and handling. Easy-to-install 10’ dual wall tile lengths and custom-designed trenchers capable of installing this large pipe allow ADI to install mains more efficiently.

MaxFlex Flexible Dual Wall Pipe

ADI is now offering MaxFlex flexible dual wall pipe to give you the flow benefits of dual wall while lowering your investment. MaxFlex provides the drainage flow benefits of dual wall pipe with the same ease of installation as single wall pipe. It is made from two special blends of HDPE plastic resin – one for the interior layer and one for the exterior layer – which allows it to bend enough to be coiled for transportation. Contact Us to find out more about MaxFlex flexible dual wall pipe.

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