Drainage Equipment

ADI Custom-Designed Drainage Plows

Our custom-designed tile plows are the most advanced in the industry. The heavy, wide-track design creates a high work capacity and the largest working window in the industry. ADI tile plows are designed for precision grade tolerances and maximum productivity. ADI’s drainage equipment and structure allows our tiling season to last from the time your crops come out until the last seed is planted.

Dual Direction Plowing

To increase efficiency, all ADI crews utilize dual direction installation methods rather than plowing one-way. Similar to the way you plant and combine back-and-forth, ADI plows both directions - saving you time and money.

Dual Force Technology

The race is on to achieve consistent 300 bushel corn, and a leading tool in the race is an 80,000-pound, one-of-a-kind tile plow. The ADI Super 600 – Dual Force Technology plow will provide a level of field performance and drainage affordability never before seen in the drainage industry.

ADI Super 600-D Logo

What is Dual Force Technology?

  •  The most advanced drainage system – designed to keep up with your modern farming operation
  • A cutting-edge method of simultaneously installing two lateral lines spaced 15-feet apart
  • The latest innovation in ADI’s line of custom designed drainage equipment

The narrower blade structure on ADI’s Dual Force Technology tile plow provides a similar and beneficial lift and shatter effect on the soil profile with a less noticeable above grade disturbance.

Specialty Trenching Equipment

ADI’s custom-built trenchers specialize in large diameter pipe installation for farm drainage. Our trenchers can install up to 30” diameter pipe at depths of 8’ to 10’. We specialize in large farm drainage projects requiring serious main lines.