The American Dream

In 1982, an energetic entrepreneur with a strong work ethic, unmatched dedication, and a relentless “customer first” attitude laid the foundation for a company that would quickly rise to the top of the very competitive drainage industry.  As owner and CEO, Don Colclasure has continued to build Timewell Drainage Products and Ag Drainage, Inc. on the very foundation that he started with 30 years ago.  Along with the support of wife Susan, and sons Cory and Jake, Don used his vision and maverick business philosophy to build a company that truly is the American Dream.

A friendly card game in 1982 would prove be the beginning of what is now one of the fastest growing companies in the drainage business.  At the time, Don was a hard working farmer with first-hand experience of the stress put on crops that are grown in a field without proper drainage.  He was witness to low yields and even total crop losses due to an uncontrolled water table.  During a game of 10-Point Pitch amongst friends, one of the gentleman proposed selling his trencher and tiling business.  Along with a partner, Don and his wife Susan, purchased the trencher and started their own agricultural drainage installation company; C & L Tiling.

Following the harvest season, C &L Tiling hit the ground running.  Experiencing a tremendous demand for drainage installation, Don and his employees put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to building a successful business.  Still today, as owner and CEO, Don continues to set the tone for his employees.  Day after day, year after year, he can be found in the field with his work boots on, managing the installation crews and ensuring that his company maintains its status at the top of the drainage industry.  Truly a pioneer of the industry, Don has not only led the way for the C&L family, but for the entire drainage industry, as well.

In 1995, as business continued to grow for C&L Tiling, the company began to experience some frustration as its pipe suppliers were not able to keep up with the amount of pipe C&L was installing.  Using his “customer first” attitude, Don made the decision that he had to be able to produce his own drainage pipe in order to keep his customers satisfied.  With the purchase of an HDPE extruder and the launching of the Timewell Drainage Products company in Timewell, Illinois, the business began manufacturing and supplying its own single wall tubing.

Now with the ability to both manufacture and install drain tile, the company experienced another period of rapid growth.  It wasn’t long before requests started coming in from other installers asking if Timewell could begin supplying them with pipe. Again with his “customer first” attitude, Don made the decision to do so, and Timewell began producing pipe to supply other drainage contractors.

As C&L Tiling continued to grow, the decision was made to re-brand the installation division of the company in order to expand and reach broader geographic markets.  Ag Drainage, Inc., more commonly known as ADI, took off immediately, rapidly increasing its footprint the Midwest.  Now that the business was both a pipe manufacturing company as well as a drainage installation company, the vertical integration opened up opportunities that no other company in the industry was able to offer.  By doing so, Timewell Drainage Products and ADI began the rapid climb to the top of the drainage industry.

With its innovative and pioneering attitude, the company quickly became the front runner in the drainage industry.  Using extensive personal experience and rigorous product testing, ADI and Timewell paved the way for drainage as we know it today.  Not only does Don personally design the drainage layouts used by nearly every installation crew today, he also has designed and had numerous plows and trenchers built to his specifications to maximize the efficiency of drainage installation and better serve the customer.  Three decades later, Don and his family remain involved, spurring the company to continually be the leader in the drainage industry.

With increasing customer demand, the company was ready to expand yet again to be able to accommodate the rapidly growing agricultural market as well as the booming commercial drainage market.   Starting in 2002, Timewell began an expansion process that allowed ADI to increase both its capacity and footprint.  With the installation of a double wall extrusion line, Timewell gained the ability to produce its Maxflo dual wall HDPE with a first-of-its-kind superior strength bell and spigot design.  Along with the installation of the dual wall extrusion line, Timewell developed a fabricated fitting department with the motto “If you can think it, we can build it!”  Shortly thereafter, continued growth brought on the need for further expansion.  Timewell opened a second pipe manufacturing facility in Providence, Kentucky as well as distribution yards in Nashville, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri in order to better serve their customers. 

Later in that same year, Timewell installed another extrusion line at the corporate facility which is capable of producing Maxflo HDPE pipe up to 60” in diameter.  The purchase and renovation of an auto parts manufacturing facility in Golden, Illinois provided much needed space for even more growth.  The fully renovated facility became the full-time home to ADI as well as the company owned and operated transportation division.

In the spring of 2013, Timewell opened its newest manufacturing facility in Sibley, Iowa, allowing the tubing manufacturing business to better service its continually-growing customer base.

Timewell and ADI are, and always will be, family owned and operated.  Both companies are continuing to build upon the very same vision, dedication, and unmatched “customer first” attitude that they were started with.  In only a few short years, Timewell Drainage Products and ADI were built from the ground up; started by a motivated entrepreneur with a commitment and a vision, and grown into the highly successful teams they are today, continuing to lead the way in the drainage industry.